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Our 2nd great-grandfather was an original settler of this area. He loved, lived and worked the land with his family. Our family continues his legacy. His story is part of our story, and we want to be a part of your story. 

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Harmony, Dustin, and their darling bunch of cowgirls live, love, and ranch in the high mountain deserts of Southern Utah.  But perhaps we should start from the beginning, a love story that went something like this:


August 1986 

Harmony - Kindergarten - Dustin - 2nd grade

Harmony oblivious

Dustin thinks girls have cooties



Serving on seminary council together

Harmony interested

Dustin oblivious


July '99-Aug '01

Dustin serves mission for church to Houston, TX

Harmony writes faithfully 

Dustin oblivious


Sept. 2001

Dustin home from mission

Harmony given up

Dustin interested


Oct. 2001 

Chasing wild cows together

Harmony interested 

Dustin interested


October 14 2001


Ride bareback into sunset - same horse of course


Yes, folks!  That's the story.  Dustin and Harmony grew up in Southern Utah, Dustin working on a ranch neighboring Harmony's family's ranch.  Beginning at age 11, Dustin worked in exchange for cattle instead of cash.  His first cow, Daisy, was the start of their ranch.  Always good friends, but never really dating until college, Dustin and Harmony, as you can see from the timeline, had a quick engagement, and quickly started a family.  Exactly one year to the day, they welcomed the first of six daughters into their home.  Yes, six!  Daughters!  You read that correctly.  They have six daughters. But don't pity them.  They wouldn't have it any other way. Matter of fact, they have found it an added benefit.  When you only have daughters, but still need help running the ranch, the daughters do the work of any cowboy.  What a special life.  They have found their livelihood, and the love and emulation of Jesus Christ, has helped mold their daughters into some pretty special people.  Their girls are confident, strong and kind.  And while they acknowledge they still have a ways to go, what a way to grow up!  A life this awesome has to be shared.  The Cox family is excited to welcome friends to experience a piece of their heaven.  They call all their guests friends, because history has shown, guests come as strangers, but leave with treasured memories, and even more treasured friendships.

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about the ranch at wild rose

Being able to share our cowboy way of life, The Ranch at Wild Rose is fulfilling a lifelong dream.  This exclusive mountain treasure is nestled on 180 acres of gorgeous Utah landscapes.  Centered between the majestic Zion National Park and breathtaking Bryce Canyon, Wild Rose stands with the beauty of both.  Our 6,000 sq. ft. lodge is filled with majestic spaces, handcrafted furniture and accent pieces.  Guest cabins and the Hitchin' Barn apartment allow for space and privacy.  The entire property will sleep up to 30 guests. We can accommodate a ceremony or retreat for up to 50 guests.  Wild Rose is an entirely unique ranch experience with a seasonal garden, laying hens, Wild Rose beef, and more. If you really want to experience life as a cowboy, we offer a variety of cowboy experiences that will leave you with memories of a lifetime.

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coordination with our venue is simple

Run by Harmony, her husband, and six little cowgirl daughters, you will find coordinating with us is very simple and straightforward. We make sure you have everything you need for a successful and enjoyable experience at The Ranch at Wild Rose.

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