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Cowboy Experiences

At the Ranch At Wild Rose, we thank God everyday for the incredible life we get to live.  Ranching in the American West is beautiful, rare, and so special.  We believe when God gives something so priceless, it's meant to be shared.  Don't just dream about the west, live it!  


We are excited to finally release the dates for our 2023 Authentic Cowboy Experiences!  Our guests will work alongside our family and cowhands, doing necessary ranch work.  Come experience a few days in the life of a real authentic American West Buckaroo!    

We have several ranchcation options for guests.  At the top of our coveted adventures are our Summer and Fall cattle drives.  On these multi-day trips, guest help us herd the cattle from summer to winter grazing lands.  There is something so peacefully grounding about spending days on the back of a horse and evenings a campfire.  "Life changing" are the words most often used by our past guests.


New to 2023 is our heifer calving and branding experiences.  Never before have guests been invited to enjoy these amazing days with us on the ranch.


We also offer seasonal single-day custom adventures, where guests can help us with our day to day ranch work, experiences things like drifting cattle, moving pastures, etc.  These adventures are perfect for the beginning rider who is apprehensive about spending multiple days in the saddle.


Please inquire below for a quote for your custom ranchcation trip.    


Heifer Calving

March 9-11, 2023

3 days 2 nights, $2,200

New to our 2023 offerings.  We are offering you the opportunity to be a bovine midwife.  Seeing new life unfold right before your eyes is priceless!  Guests will help us tend, feed, gather, and if needed, assist in the birth of these first-time mother cows.  Camping and meals at the winter ranch headquarters.

Branding on the AZ Strip

May 1-3, 2023

3 days 2 nights, $2,500


May 3-5, 2023

3 days 2 nights, $2,500

Branding on the winter range.  This cowboy experience is rustic and wild.  Guests will ride horses helping the cowhands gather, corral and brand calves on the vast high desert pastures on the AZ strip.  The ranch is near the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  Guests will camp and eat meals on the ranch.   



on the Arizona Strip