Hay, Horses, & Beef

The Ranch at Wild Rose offers full care horse boarding, as well as hay sales and beef sales. 
Learn more about these services below or contact us for more information.


Horse Boarding

The Ranch at Wild Rose offers full care horse boarding.  Sitting on 180 acres, with several meadow pastures, specifically designed for horse care, our location is ideal for the overnight boarder or as a long term retirement facility.  Our state of the art horse barn has 11 stalls with paddocks.  Located between beautiful Bryce Canyon and Zion National park, there is no shortage of places for boarders to ride.  Guests who also purchase lodging for themselves on the ranch are welcome to ride our trails and use our training facilities.  Alton is high in the mountains so therefore does not get the high summer temperatures.  Please contact us for more information and availability.


Hay Sales

We broker semi-loads of high-quality alfalfa, grass, timothy, and grain hay throughout the United States.  We have almost 20 years of experience in the hay sales business and have no shortage of farm connections.  We offer nutritional values to those who need to know those numbers.  We sell to the dairy, horse, and cow agriculture sectors.

Please contact Dustin for price and availability.



Beef Sales

While we love American agriculture and the amazing quality, variety, and abundance produced in this great country, there is something special about knowing your rancher personally, and we are so happy to be just that rancher.  If you would like to purchase a whole beef to stock your freezer, we've got you covered.

We offer high-quality grass-fed, grain-finished beef.  For the first 6 months of life, the beef calf is drinking its mother's milk & eating grass.  For the next two months, it eats only grass.  For the following 6 months, its feed ration is 75% forage made up of grass, alfalfa, wheat, and straw and 25% corn/wheat grain.  The last 6 months of life is half and half forage grass and 50% grain. 

At harvest, the beef will weigh around 1325 lbs.  Your carcass weight will average 50% to 60% of live weight.  Of the hanging weight, about half of it will be consumable. So 662.5 / 2 = 331.25 lbs of consumable product. Half of the consumable product is ground beef and the other half is roast and steaks and cuts such as stew, and fajita meat.

Buying a whole beef has some huge perks!  The first perk is price.  You pay about the same price per lb for all your cuts of meat that you would normally pay for high-quality ground beef.  Customizability:  You can completely customize your cuts of meat to fit your cooking habits and desires.  Supporting local businesses.  We appreciate your business, but we also appreciate so much that by purchasing beef from us, you also support the local butcher shop and their families.  Try it!  You will be so glad you did!